Monday, September 14, 2009

Outdoor areas

The outdoor area will be our next big task, and we have started to talk plans (I know, we should finish one task before we think about another, but thats not how I roll)

I love tropical gardens, and tropical garden furniture. I would love to live in an area warm enough to have a tropical garden. Oh, and I need to find my green thumb. I think I lost it around the time I lost my first tooth!

So I am starting to collect ideas. I love the above outdoor setting, as it is large, and is something a bit tropical. I am currently debating whether we need the 8 or 10 seater setting. I am leaning towards the 8, but I guess it will depend on the boy
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  1. Love that patio setting. I am a cross between a tropical garden fan and an English garden fan. My happy medium is going for a sort of Cape Cod aesthetic with white blowsy blooms and wicker.

  2. Hannah, I am a bit the same. Our front yard will be engligh cottage like. I want roses and lavender!

    R, I think I will go the 10, i figure if we have Bri's family over we will need at least 8, throw in their kidlets!

    Just hope Bri can remove the centre pole to fit it in.

  3. That outdoor setting is gorgeous!


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