Friday, September 4, 2009

The Walls: Part Two

This morning we rewarded ourselves with a bit of a sleep-in, and a big brekkie (well, for me it wasnt so big, but it was a treat to have bacon and hashbrowns).

Our day started will pulling the weatherboards off the bathroom wall, as we are going to alter them slightly.

Then it was wall-building time. The plumber had put the stink pipe in an odd location, halfway through our base plate, which meant we had to do some creative jigsawing. Of course, we dont own a jigsaw, but a chainsaw is close enough...right?

Either way, it worked and we got our wall built, and the sizalation paper on the walls.
We had a bit of an issue today, when putting in the frame for the bigger window, I noticed they were different heights. Turns out the husband forgot to ring the window company and tell them my measurements didnt include reveals, until the day after the window was made. So now it is 30mm shorter than the other window, which i doubt anyone else will notice, but it will annoy me. Husband was in the bad books for an hour or so until I moved on. Guess it means we won't be having subway tiles though :(

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