Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitchen Plans: Updated

Not a lot has happened around the house this week, I have been down and out with the flu, and the husband is back at work, much to his disgust!

However, on Wednesday we were sent our kitchen drawings:

The wonder of technology allowed me to replace their kitchen drawing colours, with ones pretty close to what we have chosen (Doors: Laminex Pumice, Benchtop: Lunar Stone Diamond Gloss).

We had a few mishaps, turns out we couldnt have our oven where we had it origionally, due to the heat of the oven door when open. So it was moved to next to the fridge. Which suited me fine, until husband pointed out that all the wiring was set to the old design. Under the plaster. Shit. So it needs to be moved at some point.

But that is where we are up to. Still waiting on the father in law to come and paint the inside and outside.

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  1. Very nice! It's a bit freaky that I can actually see this in your house in my head, but the 3D modelling is really good for giving you a clear picture!


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