Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

I was walking down memory lane in the car the other day, and I got thinking about our wedding. Specifically the 'Wishing Tree' we had at our reception. We asked our guests to give us a tip to have a happy marriage/life.

Anyway, we had a great laugh reading at the 'wisdom' we were given (ok, so it wasnt the brightest idea to give this to drunk people, there is some wisdom for brides to be) when we returned from our honeymoon. There were the usual "dont go to be angry", "always have one hobby that is your own", "don't forget your friends" and "remember that sex fixes everything" (that might have been from a drunk friend who is single). But something rang true from one of our guests: "Never expect husband to do things to your standard. He can't. He isn't wired that way. That is why you love him"

Now, it isn't anything profound, but it has sat with me in the last 18 months or so, and it is true. Far too many times have I heard myself say "Urgh, why couldnt you do it my way" because he doesnt fold towels the way I like, or because he can turn a blind eye to Mt Washing in our loungeroom.

These are the things that make me feel like I am needed at home, that I have a purpose, and that I make a difference to our lives. He is himself, which whilst at times, annoying, he is the man I fell in love with 5 years ago, and who I still love today.

Ok, before I get too soppy, check out Blog This and enter your pearls of wisdom

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  1. Brilliant! I will have to remember that for the wedding I am going to next week.

  2. Oh Em, a wedding. I love weddings (though I am very thankful I am now a guest and not a part of them!)

  3. Just found your blog, was interested because we have similar situations. Whilst originally a country girl, I moved to the city and became a city girl - lived for 10 years, came back to hometown for VISIT - fell in love with a farmer - now have a baby. Whilst love is a beautiful thing. God I miss the perks of the city!

  4. Welcome Sharnanigans! I miss the perks of the city a lot lately. Mainly because of the lack of food choices down here! And the shops. And the interest factor. And because, well, I just miss it.

  5. Ah, good advice. There are days it is hard to abide by, but it a very useful perspective to keep. Thank you for sharing April :)

  6. Ah, hubby and I have been married for 10 years and I got a similar piece of advice. If my hubby did everything my way, not everything would get done!!

  7. Wow, that is good advice :)

    Looking forward to checking out your blog - I'm a country girl in the city!


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