Saturday, September 26, 2009

What shoes would you wear with this dress?

I have my friends wedding in 4 weeks, and finally got thee to the shops to find a dress.

I wanted a simple black dress, but apparently there is nothing out there in black (that looked decent), so i ended up with this little number from Myer

It comes to my knees, and I obviously need heels. I am loving the closed round toe shoes currently, but seems they are all sky high, which means in three steps time I will be face-planting the dirt.

What do you think?

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  1. Wedges. In anYcolour maybe a cream, even black. Love the dress, I love colour over black any day.

  2. My sister and I share a dress in the very same colour, and we both love it with tan wedges and a tan clutch, so thats my recommendation. Wedges are much more stable than heels, and ou can get them in a few different heights. Since it has belt loops you could always pop a tan belt on it too, instead of the tie!

    Its a gorgeous dress, you will look fab. And much more fun for a Spring wedding than black.

  3. Oh pretty!!

    I have to agree that tan shoes would be lovely. Although sometimes I like to mix it up and wear bright shoes, like some cute red shoes or something a bit different.

    I am not much help with avoiding the high heeled ones as I love to totter around ;) (and complain bitterly of sore feet the next day!)

    We totally need a pic of you all done up!


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