Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bathrooms cont.

So I mentioned we have some issues with our current bathroom, which we are thinking of re-renovating to fix.

To remind you, this is what our bathroom currently looks like

When my stepdad tiled our shower, he dropped a tile in the bath. we thought it was ok, but turns out it is slowly leaking. Brian is worried about the timber underneath, and probably rightly so. Our bath has never really fit that well, i fell in love with how deep and long it is. It is a dream to lay in. Unfortunately, it isnt the most practical thing. The tiles never really sat properly with it, requiring a lot of No-More-Gaps. And the water pools at the end, requiring an extra drain to be installed.

And as I mentioned, our bath is set quite high. It requires a high degree of acrobaics to get in and out of the bath, much to my husbands amusement!

And finally, as our shower is over our bath, we have the glass screen. The only problem is that the water shoots straight past the screen and onto the floor of our bathroom. which is great for the mould growing under our lino (gross I know. Thank god the lino is temporary!)

so we have thought of several options.

The first option is to replace the bath with a square one, and buy a bigger shower screen (more than likely having to be custom made).

The second option looks like this:

As you can see, we would put a bath where the fishtank and vanity sit, a shower beside that, and the vanity between the show and the loo. It is my prefered option, but would require a lot of more work and moolah. But i think it would work the best. If we were to go this way, I would change several things.
*I would use different tiles, probably a 30x60 tile, with a stone feature running vertically through the shower and the bath.
*the bath would be a square one. not as lovely as my current bath, but a hell of a lot more functional
*the shower would be separate to the bath, and hopefully 900x1200, but i could settle for 900x900..

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  1. What about something like this? Maybe you could integrate a shower head with something similar to this. It seems like it would keep the water from going on your floor when you used the shower head.


    Sorry I left out the link before

  3. Sorry Celia, i cant see the exact one you are reffering to, but changing the shower head isnt really an option, as ours comes out of the ceiling. if it was 30cm towards the loo it would be fine, but then we wouldnt have much room to stand.

    thanks for thinking of me though :)

  4. once upon a time we had a crack in a tile, invisible to the naked eye. then one day, i leaned on the wall and fell through it. ENTIRE bathroom was rotted behind the plaster. stupid builders used regular plaster in the shower instead of aquaplaster which didn't help matters. moral of the story? 1 entire bathroom, rebuild.


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