Sunday, May 10, 2009

A disagreement of sorts

Photo blatantly stolen from an eBay auction

This evening, whilst sitting on the couch watching Borat, I brought up the subject of my birthday with the husband.

This is how it went

Me: "Darling, you know how you got that Waeco (fridge thing for the car) for your birthday?"
Him: "What do you want?"
Me: "A scarf"
Him: "Go buy one then"
Me: "It's a bit expensive" (Fool! What was I thinking? I should have stopped here)
Him: "How much?"
Me: "$500" (muttered under my breath
Him: some rant about how many sheep we could buy for $500 and how my mum could knit me a scarf...I tuned out at this point, dejected.

Now, incase you hadn't worked it out yet, I have a taste for 'the finer things in life' (which is the polite way of saying I am a brand snob). I love designer items. It makes me feel human in this tiny town I live in.

Now, some might say $500 is a lot to spend on a scarf, but think of the wear I could get out of it? At christmas time I brought a $700 Oroton handbag, claiming I would use it every day (as opposed to changing bags weekly, like I was doing with my cheaper bags). And 6 months in, I haven't changed bags as of yet! I love it. I have had so much wear from it, heck, I even used it as an overnight bag at the hospital the other day (it is that big!). So on that basis, I could get a lot of use from a Burberry scarf.

I think I need to bring up the topic in another way...
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  1. I spent more than that on a Burberry collar and matching lead for my dog *sheepish* I tend to buy things and then tell the OH later ..... oops! It's that saying - it's easier to apologise after, than to ask permission before ;)

    I'm going to wind up divorced.

  2. Righto, I am going to use that as leverage. Wonder if i can suggest buying a collar for the cat, thus making the scarf seem cheap ;)

    And you can live your divorced life with me, who will also be divorced LOL

  3. Tell him you found a scarf *on sale* and suggest it would be a good birthday present... just don't mention the price again ;)


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