Sunday, May 3, 2009

Smugness over Hairdressers

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On a few of the blogs I follow, hairdressers has been a topic of hot conversation. Mainly about how to tell a hairdresser her cut really didnt make the cut (no pun intended...oh hell, yes i did mean that ;) ) or how to leave a hairdresser when you are finally fed up.

And I sat here smugly saying to myself "see I would never have that issue, I love my hairdresser. And even if I did leave her, I travel an hour each way to get my hair coloured, so its highly unlikely that I would ever see her again".

Til a few weeks back, when i received the most hideous cut, and to add further insult to the injury, was charged $140.

Now to give you some background, I found my hairdresser by accident one day when i badly needed a cut and couldnt get in where I normally went. So I ended up at the salon where she works. It was your regular run of the mill salon, and I walked out only paying $70 for a cut and colour, and best of all I was thrilled. I kept going back. She did my hair for my wedding, and I was still thrilled. She moved salons, and I followed her. However, as she was out on her own, she raised the prices a bit, not much, $15 or so. So, as I was happy, I paid the money. Until 8 weeks later where the price went up again. And again. And again. And again. By the $120 mark I was starting to get a little fed up with it, as I didnt feel I wasnt getting my money's worth (not even a head massage! Oh the pain) But when I received a crappy cut and colour (I went home with dye on my new white top and on my face, and a lopsided cut that I had to fix myself at home) that was it.

So I sussed out people in my local town that have good cuts. Mainly the girl who does my body maintenance. And she sent me to a local salon. The girl who cut my hair is my age, and had just got back from maternity leave, and was a delight to talk to. And her cutting and colouring skills were well above par too. Best of all, it cost me $65.

So all is good, I have a new hairdresser who gives me the things I like (good colour, cut and reasonably priced, which means more $ for shoes), and chances are slim that I will ever see the old hairdresser again. Until she rings me and tells me how "she has decided to start working from home, and would I like to book an appointment?" Crap! Double crap! I just had my hair coloured a week ago. I fake illness and say I will give her a call. She gives me her number, I write it down. She asks how my mum is going (triple crap, she plays the heartstring card). I quickly say goodbye and hang up. I feel dishonest and icky.

But I look in the mirror (the vain person I am) and see my lovely haircut and that feeling goes away. This better not be a viscous cycle!
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  1. rofl.

    i go to the same girl at the hairdresser's. we have a good chit chatty relationship. but back in nov she was booked out and i had to have my hair done by another. i was getting my hair bleached again and had only just gone there 2wks prior. my normal girl charged 80 for the bleaching. the one i was booked into charged me 110! not sure how. but i walked out. didnt go back for around five months [i dyed my hair myself in that time]. they sent me out a "we miss you" voucher and i went in. to the normal one i had. had the works done and only 115. thats a full head of foils, half dyed, cut and blow-dry.. go figure.

    but i when i am getting my hair done, she is being double booked - so whilst im sitting there waiting for my foils and dye to finish up she cuts another persons hair. i dont mind during this stage but not when iv had my hair washed and am then sitting there with DRIPPING hair!

    just dont know what to do. she is so good at cutting how i like it.

  2. Oh I had to laugh at that story, I left mine ages ago (overpriced and frankly never getting it right) and I keep bumping into her .... not the best! nice site too


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