Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A change is coming...

Whilst sitting back reflecting on the weekend, I wondered what it is that I know something about that other people might not. Everyone has their neiche market, Stepford Dreams has her quest to be the best darn Stepford Wife she can be (I think she is pretty fantastic already). Amy has her little farm and darling daughter. Chantelle has her darling daughter and the funniest stories of her job. Kate has her salads, and finally Amanda has the most devine decorating ideas.

So what do I have? Well I renovate, but I don't plan on doing that every week (especially this week as we have come to a stand still whilst we wait on the plasterers). Then I thought. Of all the unlikely things I would know about, I know about power tools.

So, I am going to introduce you to 'Work Tool Wednesday". Basically I choose a tool, talk about it, why i like it, what strange use I find for it, and impart some of my stupid knowledge onto you :D If you want to suggest a tool you want to know about, or have a suggestion for a tool I might not have seen in my many adventures to Bunnings, let me know

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