Sunday, May 17, 2009

The world's ugliest kitchen

We have now been in our house for close to five years (bloody hell, we were only meant to stay here for 5 years, and I somehow don't see us moving before November). And each of those years we have said "we will renovate our kitchen this year" and every year we have done other things. The bathroom, the wedding, the lounge room, the main bedroom. 

Just to give you an idea, this is our current kitchen
Pretty, isn't it? No, it is not. It is freaking ugly. It is slightly better than when we first moved in, it never had an oven, so we put that it on the 3rd day. And it had these horrible yellow and white check curtains (same as what is under the sink actually). And when Bri's sister renovated their kitchen, we took the cupboards off their hands. And its functional. It does the job. But it's still but ugly. We have altered a few things to patch it up, but the time has come for it to be gone. Five years is far too long to look at taxi yellow walls.

And how do I know this year will not be like all the others? I shall tell you.

A few months back my husband came home from work one day and said he wanted to buy a motor-bike. I told him to get a license first. So he did (dammit, i was secretly hoping he would fail). And in that same week he decided to buy a brand new bike. A $9,000 bike. So, me being me, I had to make that work in my favor. Bring in my excellent negotiation skills. For a new bike, my loving husband had to have my new kitchen finished by December 31, 2009. If not, there are penalties. Penalties which he doesnt want to find out about. I have it in me to be extremely suborn, and he does not want to test me on this one!

So with the plasterers due to arrive this week, signaling the near completion of our bedroom and hallway renovations, it is time I start talking kitchens.

Starting with my lack of dishwasher. Do you think a 6 month strike on washing dishes would make him hurry up on the renovations?
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  1. oh no ... my kitchen is WAY uglier.
    Sadly it's not our house so I can't do anything about it or a complete kitchen makeover would be a certainty.


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