Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crappy Presents

All this talk of training my husband got me thinking about how many crappy gifts I have received over the years (note: I can train him to buy expensive gifts, but I can't make him understand how the washing basket works)

The top 3 crappy gifts

Number 3: the gold necklace. It was a nice enough necklace. Pity I am a strictly white gold/silver person. Lucky for Brian, it was given by my ex, and not him. There is a reason he is my ex though, and this is just the tip of the iceburg

Number 2: The handbag that I refer to as the Felix bag, due to it looking like Felix the Cat's Magic Bag. If it were any other colour than grey, and was more in the shape of a Kitchen Aide Mixer, I would have been perfectly happy. But it wasnt.

Number 1: a brown sheep. A real brown sheep. One that eats grass. Now I like sheep, especially brown ones, but I sure as hell don't want one as a present. Luckily I boycotted this one. But it still wins the award for crappy gift.

What crappy gifts have you received?
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  1. I received a box of out of date Ferrero Rocher's the other day.... not even wrapped...... and was told 'I forgot to get you a card, I'll put it in the mailbox for you later on.'

    I LOVE my grandfather - NOT!

  2. an ex once gave me a ruby [my birthstone] stone set in a gold necklace. would have been okay but the gold colour was so icky and the pendant just didnt look nice.

  3. For my birthday, my husband gave me coffee. Yes, I know. He thought it was a great gift as I drink coffee every day.

    He's never done that again ...

    For another birthday, he gave me paint ... he even wrapped it up ... I laughed for about 10 minutes ... I now have a painted bedroom but seriously ...

  4. I got a surprise subscription to FashionTV. I am particularly indifferent about fashion. You'd think after 15 togethr he'd have noticed. I've also received Hello Kitty chopsticks to wear in my hair (I'm a 38 year-old mother of 7, btw, with short hair) and a hematite necklace HUGE enough and UGLY enough to scare off Very Evil Spirits. Now I just ask for cash.

  5. Ugg Boots about 15 years ago by my now husband then boyfriend. The knee high variety with what I can only describe as corsetted type leather lace ups. Said thank you then made him immediately take them back to the shop for a refund.

    Still gives me shivers thinking about it.


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