Friday, May 8, 2009


So, along with giraffes, I also love birds. More the cute stuffed non-alive variety. It is of much concern to me what we will do when we have children, as a favourite past-time of mine is to dream up decorating ideas for our nursery. But it always comes down to one question: should I go with a bird or giraffe theme.

So, in my boredom today, I sat on etsy searching birds, and this is what I found:

Photo from Mazzy522

Photo from Holly
(on a side note, I love this nursery, the little boy who sleeps in it is very lucky)

Photo from My Tiny Star

Photo from Gifts Devine

Photo from Gifts Devine

Photo from Valeriya

Photo from Pottery Barn

I think birds might be our girly nursery judging by the amount of pink I have found ;)
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