Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bedroom Inspiration

Along my travels today (ie when I was avoiding doing the Credit Card statements at work) I came across some pictures that gave me a bit of inspiration for our bedroom. 

And this mirror, that I plan to put above one of our dressers, or within my part of our robe. Or maybe our lounge room ;)
From this Ebay Seller

My husband would never let me have an overly girly room, so I like to bring little things in that make a room more feminine.  Pin It


  1. I LOVE those top two pics. Normally those aren't colours that I'd choose, but that really works, doesn't it?


  2. they do work well. I wouldnt go those colours, but i love the decals. i would go a latte coloured decal i think. providing i dont change the wall colour again ;)

  3. Nice pictures! Great ideas. I particularly love that top picture.

  4. I love the top pic ! Simply Stunning !

  5. My favourite Decals are from www.mymunchkinhome.com.au - I just got the Eiffel Tower for my guest room - can't wait to finish the renos and painting so I can show it off :)


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