Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today I went to work with my hair tied up. This is new to me, as I have shortish hair. It is at the stage where it doesnt quite all make it into the elastic, which is terribly annoying, but I normally just pin it up with a bobby pin.

Today however, it stayed in place under its elastic, which i thought was awesome. Until I got to work, and it was falling out all over the place. I open my desk drawer to grab a clip. Nothing. Crap, its only 9am and my hair is giving me the shits!

Wait, a paperclip. That could work. And it did. Pretty darn good actually. No idea if it looked funny, no-one commented. But it did the job until 6pm when I got home.

So there you go, paperclips dont just hold paper! Who would have thought
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