Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Just in case you hadn't noticed, I like giraffes. They are my favourite animal at the zoo (other than the lemurs. and the meerkats. and the hippos. Ok, they are in my top 5).

So, when thinking of a present for my neice who turns 2 in a couple of weeks, I couldnt think of much she really needs. I like to buy different presents, and well, I am pretty sure no one has a giraffe just like this one ;) 

So I chose my material out of my ever growing stash, trying to choose something that wasnt too girly, but still pretty. I plan to put some pretty pink buttons on his legs, and give him a ribbon necklace with a 'C' charm. I am yet to decide on his mane and tail material.

So far I am happy with how he has turned out, he has a few minor blemishes, but that sjust me being picky. 

Now I need an idea to make my newphew
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