Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Spotlight - Stepford Dreams

I am reasonably new to blogging. I only started following blogs this year, around the time I started my own blog. Many of the people I followed at the start were people I knew from around the place, mainly a forum that some of us frequent. From there, I have found new blogs that I liked, and started following. It's an addictive cycle.

It's well worth the look, trust me you will laugh your socks off!

If you have any blogs you think I should read, let me know :D
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  1. I actually found your blog through hers and I LOVE them both! I know kind of weird that random people from the other side of the world are interested in the random ponderings of a stranger but I have enjoyed every single post of yours I have read. Keep up the good ramblings!

  2. i frequently read stepford dreams also. but i love mum seeks life; fat mum slim and yours. they are the main ones that i continually check in on no matter how busy! [if you want links to these they are on my blog :) ] love you writing!

  3. lol, I also know telle from Fat.Mum.Slim as well

    thanks for the nice comments though ladies :)

  4. Thanks April for the kind words. You won't get any touching soppy heart warming stuff at my blog but I'm glad it gives you a laugh.


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