Sunday, May 31, 2009


Howdy bloggers.

This weekend had been booked in for ages. Months ago I scored tickets to P!nk's first Melbourne show. Thank you Optus for your pre-sale.

So I booked myself a hotel, and decided I would go for a bit of 'me' weekend. Origionally husband was meant to be coming, but he was being a sooky-lala about his mouth ulcer, and stayed home. Suits me, you can continue with painting our bedroom (more on that later).

So I got to Rod Laver, after taking the longest route from my hotel to the stadium. No idea how I managed it, but i was buggered from the walk by the time I got there. Thank god I had a seat and not GA.

Now, during the week I had debated about taking a camera, and which camera (dSLR or compact). In the end I chose to risk it, and took both (the compact nicely stashed in a hidden part of my bag). Just as well I say, as all they cared about was bottles at the security check! Fantastic!!! I now have 250mm of zoom to use. (at one point a guard did ask if my camera had more than 200mm zoom, to which i sweetly answered "Of course not, it max's at 200". Sucker!)

Which was made even better by the fact that Optus had supplied me with fantastic seats. I was side on, not far back from the end of the run way. Woot!!! I may just take back the cursing I had done towards Optus when their 3G caused my iPhone to come dangerously close to ending up in the middle of the Western Freeway at high speeds.

So, anyway, i digress. Turned out the support band was Faker. To which I had no clue who they were. Might have something to do with me reading their band name as "Fucker" for the first half hour. But when they came out and sang, I worked it out.

Now, the lead singer of Faker reminded me of a headless chook. He moved all over the place. Jumping, running, sommersaulting. He did it all. He earned the body to wear the skin tight pants that he wore (insert mental images of a dancing penis, as thats all I could picture). They werent too bad, most of their songs sounded the same, but was still good to see.

Eventually the dancing penis tired, and they left the stage, to which a lot of activity happened behind the curtain. Eventually the lights dimmed, we see a movie montage, and we saw this

The 'Carney' folk

Oh, oh oh

She greets Melbourne

She did a few covers along the way, including 'I Touch Myself' by The Divynals. As the name suggests, it was a bit pornesque, but she has the body for it ;)

Just so you can see the pants she was wearing (she had a matching bra too)

Live acoustics

Now it is at this point my dSLR battery dies, and i am forced to swap to my compact camera with a lot less zoom power. Dammit! Despite the lessing power, I managed to get some decent shots

The amazing acrobatics. This woman has balls!!!

I am glad I went, I had the best time, and look forward to going to her next concert. She is one performer who never fails to amaze me, she has so much energy, and every concert is different. I wish I was going again (as does my Mum, as she wants to go now, LOL)

Oh, and I wish I could stand in those shoes she wears, little own dance! Check them out

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  1. Hi..I come from confusion soup and had to " de-lurk" to tell you your an awesome photographer! great pics!

  2. Hey Shelly. Thanks, and please de-lurk more often, I love hearing from other people!


  3. Great pictures April, glad you had a great time.

  4. Hi! I'm the girl that was in front of you at the concert. Awesome pics.I had to show everyone at work how close we were!
    Hope you had a great night!


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