Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Husband Training School

I work in an open plan office, where I am younger than everyone by 20-40 years. I get along with the people I work with, but I am definitely younger than them, and it shows some days.

Now, when I started this job, I had been home from my honeymoon for 36 hours (and I was paying for it). So my work mates have seen my marriage blossom into what it is today. And quite often I tell them stories of the 'trying times' of marriage.

No, I am not talking about the arguments we have. But the times where the husbandito makes me go "what the...?".

Like the time where he asked if I would be willing to allow him to go away hunting over my birthday. (Answer: 'yes, yes you may, providing you are willing to part with your testicles'). Or the time where we argued over the choice of vehicle for my car (he won, and pays for it daily).

But there are also times where a male colleague goes "What the f**k is he thinking". Like when discussing Christmas shopping, and I mentioned how I had chosen my own christmas present. My colleague was shocked at this, as he thought i was being picky (I am). A female colleague thought I was smart.

But todays gem came when discussing flowers. My work had held a function the previous night, and for a donation to the Cancer Council, you could take home the floral arrangements. I mentioned to another male colleague he should take them home for his wife. He promptly told me to "not be stupid, that would make her think he was guilty of something". I ever so quickly replied "he needs to attend April's School of Husband Training".

And it got me thinking, I have trained husbandito quite well for 15 months of marriage. He is currently working in Melbourne this week, and mentioned he was going shopping. I cringed, thinking that he was going to the motorbike shop (an instant way to drain our bank account). I voiced this opinion, to which he replied "no, I am going shopping at Burberry for a pink check scarf".

I love my husband, he is so well trained.
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  1. Wow! Impressive! Will be using your services should I ever find a man worth marrying!

  2. That is impressive!!

    I hope you suitably reward all that effort ;) lol

  3. Yay! you fixed your comment section to make it easy!

  4. I've been with my husband some 25 odd years (including the dating years) and I am still training him. It works. They just need to be reminded sometimes.

  5. Maybe you should start up a business part-time and make some extra cash, I don't think you'd have a problem getting customers!! :D

  6. i have these moments with my boyfriend frequently. lol.

    hints still work best with him. he doesnt like to be reminded.

  7. How do you have him trained so well after only 15 months?!? Please start a husband training blog or link me to where I can find your genius! ;) I always enjoy your posts. Thanks again.

  8. What a good boy!

    I have a well trained one too :) he knows to shop at Tiffany's for gifts now ;)

  9. Woot! You won on the scarf front! :D

  10. I think he learnt after the Kitchen Aid debarcle. And the wedding present debarcle. And, well, the debarcles that were in the 3 years prior to that. To keep me happy, you have to listen and do as I say. Don't stray from the list no matter how great you think your idea is!


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