Sunday, May 31, 2009


I mentioned previously we husband (mainly) did some painting this weekend.

The plasterers came in on Monday and finished their magic. Husband was away all week, so nothing happened. We planned to get one coat of paint on the walls Friday night, one Saturday, and one Sunday. We both have the most of the week off this week (I am only at working Monday and Tuesday), so we figured we could get the cupboards installed Thursday, and have the carpet in on Friday. But like all good plans, it failed. The carpet we chose is on back order, so I checked out our second choice carpet again. The colour was a bit too dark. The next lighter colour was on backorder as well (apparently choc brown carpet is popular) so back to the first choice. The wait is two to three weeks. Oh well. 

Friday night we got to preparing the room, and putting in the skirting boards. We had argued over whether to install them before or after paint, and in the end i lost, and they were installed before paint. Saturday we continued with this. Due to our house being really old, and us leaving most of the old timber in the wall, we had our work cut out for us. See, today's timber is a nice square 90mm. add in two bits of 10mm plaster, and you have your 110mm door frame. Unfortuantly hardwood timber has no set size. Which meant our plaster stuck out from our door frames. Meaning we had to plane all the arcitrave until it sat flush. 

Lets just say our wheelbarrow is now full of sawdust :S But the husband has worked his magic and made it work reasonably well. Which meant it was onto painting.

Lets just say neither of us love painting. I personally hate it with a passion. I am ok with the skirting boards and the like, but I hate getting up the ladder, and having to strain my back looking at the ceiling. The joys of having a tall husband, I make him do it :D

So whilst I was at P!nk, he was preparing the walls, doing the cutting in and the like. By the time I returned mid afternoon on Sunday he had done all the cutting in, and painted the ceiling in the bedroom, and one wall. On go my painting clothes, and we get to it.

After 5 hours of painting we managed to get all the undercoat on, and the first coat of paint in the bedroom. It looks a little something like this ('scuze the junk, it lives there for now)...

We're getting there now...yay! Pin It


  1. must feel good to be making some substantial progress :)

  2. it feels awesome. I am looking forward to doing the final coat tonight, and getting the lights in. I am sick of fearing electrocution! LOL


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