Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work-tool Wednesday: Cordless Drill

Todays tool is my favourite tool, and the one I know how to use correctly
The Cordless Drill

Now, we own this cordless drill, courtesy of husbands boss, who had to spend some cash last year...not entirely sure if it has ever been used at work, but it gets a work out at home.

Makita is (apparently) a good brand of tools to buy (according to the husband) as they stand up to the test of time, and go the distance. Suppose this is why the rake in the dollars. I saw them advertised at Bunnings a while back for around $250, and baulked at the cost. However, it is worth the moolah.

This drill, as opposed to our old AEG one, handles anything we use it for. It has been through two renovations now, with my trusty spade bit to drill the holes for the power cables, which our old drill used to die after 3 holes, this one keeps on going strong.

When the battery goes flat, there is a spare, so it is a simply a case of swapping the batteries (clearly a woman did the product spec, as it comes with two batteries in the case!) over, and away we go. I think it took around an hour for the battery to charge back up. Quite quick, considering the old drill would be out of action for at least 2 hours whilst it charged the battery.

Another cool feature of the drill is the little holder down the bottom for your drill bits, which is under the grey bit on the red battery. I have lost count of the times I have had to run to Mitre10 and buy a new tek screw/phillips/flat head drill bit. Somehow they just seem to missing. But not any more!

If anyone asked me for a recommendation about a cordless drill, i would recommend this one for sure. Hell, I would even pay for it now. I figure if a weakling like me can use it, then anyone can!
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