Friday, May 1, 2009

More renovating ups and downs

The ups and downs are literal. Especially on our floor. But I will get to that...

Remember the doona cover I posted about a while ago? (see here)

Well it was crap in real life! The design wasnt quite what I imagined, and the colours were well off. So it is going back. Luckily I only loose the postage costs, so back to the drawing board.

Which was a topic of conversation with a friend today, who led me to a site, which lead me to another and another, and so on. Until I found this set

I am thinking of getting an extra Euro pillowcase and oblong cushion (the one with all the ruffles) and making a canvas for the wall above the bed to tie it all in. 

Next one, after 2 weeks of waiting our robes finally arrived today. After getting the bedroom robes fitted, we put the doors in and realise they dont close properly. Drat! Turns out our floors are up and down and vary from floorboard to floorboard. Nothing unusual about that in an old house, but a pain in the arse none the least. So out come the chisel, the hammer and some packing stuff (nicely supplied by Hume Doors...thanks :) ).

A few choice words later, the doors close as they should, but we can't work out what these plastic things are for. The instructions are so vague that I am pretty sure my 2 year old neice could have written them better. Eventually my brain clicks and I realise they are the spacers for the top of the doors so they dont rattle. Pity Hume only supplied us enough for 2 doors. Bastads!

We end up putting two on the middle door, and one on each end. Works well enough, and I am not that fussy.

It is a pity that this is the time Brian realises we needed a floorboard for the hallway cupboard, and Mitre10 is now well and truely closed. Dammit! So we ring my stepdad who is renovating one of his rentals, who things he might have a floorboard around there. It's about dinner time, so we go and order dinner, and run around to his house to borrow some flooring. Fortuantly for us (and Brian who is wanting to go away tomorrow hunting) we find some yellow tongue flooring. The hallway doors install a lot easier than the bedroom, until we find out that Hume have mixed up the instructions and the linen press doors have 6 spacers! Drat. Double drat! 

Which leads us to these two pictures:

And now we are up to the plaster stage. I am hoping they will come in the next week or so. 
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