Thursday, May 28, 2009

What the fluff is that???

Just a quick post, as I am at work.

This morning I got back on track, and had museli for breakfast. Well actually I am still eatting it. I was running late this morning and had 10 minutes to get out of bed and into the car. So my desk at work is the place I chose to eat my museli. Not that it looks anything like this one from Bills. Mine is in a red plastic soup mug...classy!

But as I was eatting it, I realised I had brought the wrong one at Woolies the other week. This one had little yellow bombs of crap in it. And they weren't chewie like the little orange bombs in my normal museli, these ones exploded in your mouth and made you feel like you just ate an entire bottle of baby powder. Ick.

But it got me wondering, no matter what museli i buy, i always find something I dont like in it. Something that makes me go "Urgh, why put that in there. that is just wrong". Which is quite strange, as generally I will eat anything.

What things do you not like to eat? Pin It


  1. licorice i hate it. oh and those little trees. yuck. lol. not to mention rum and raisin ice cream. eew-ness. lol. but there are some "weird stuff" i like to eat - like maccas fries with ice cream mmm yum. or pancakes with ice cream. lol.

  2. pancakes with ice cream is not weird Carly! It is awesome. We had pancakes on the weekend, with ice cream. And strawberry jam. And fresh strawberries. Was awesome!!!

  3. I can't stand shrimp and people are always serving it. It has the consistency of a tire. Just watching people rip into it makes me want to gag.

  4. Have you tried Carmen's Muesli?


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