Monday, December 28, 2009

Gardening! Part Trois

I knew I should have paid more attention in French classes, I had to google the number three! And to think I studied French for 4 years and even went on exchange to a french colony!'s time for the third installment of the garden saga.

This is what I am working with.

An ugly (admitadly less ugly than the fence we pulled down) fence, a wide garden bed, and some stupid pebble things that I hate, but can't justify the expense of concrete to get rid of.

The plan is this:
*cover the fence with those stick things designed for covering fences. I am hoping to get the shorter lengths so it will only cover up to the bottom of the lattice

*The bottom third of the garden bed will become a bbq haven, complete with redgum benchtops - I have nothing to do with this, its all the boys planning.

*Give the dirt a good dose of organic shit (I can say that, because thats what it is ;) ) and hopefully improve its condition to a level where something other than a thisle will grow in there.

*Plant some nice tropical plants. The list looks a bit like this

Mini Banana


Pony tail Palm

Curcuma rubescens


Birds of Paradise

Spiral head ginger

Birds Nest Fern

That should make it nice and green in there. I considered having some bamboo as well, but apparently bamboo can take over your whole garden!

*Install the pond. I am considering making a rock waterfall, but it might end up being too hard, and i might just give up. Will see how I go with that one.

*Find some little statues to go in there. I saw some little Japanese lanterns in Bunnings the other day which would look awesome if you put a tea light in them at night. I wouldn't mind getting a sitting Buddha for in there as well, but I am yet to find one I like. If you know somewhere I should look, let me know. I remember seeing fiberglass ones that look like sandstone a while back, but I can't remember where.

The timeline for this project? A month to six weeks. I would like to have it all done before the husbands birthday party! Call me crazy!!!

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  1. The garden area will look awesome once it's finished! I like the pebbles though. Concrete is so hard looking and once the plants go in you'll find the pebbles will make it look softer. A bugger to walk on I know, but better than concrete. Well done

  2. Valid point there lesley. The thing i hate most about the stones is that weeds grow between them, and the dogs tend to cart them everywhere. currently there is one in the middle of the bathroom floor!


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