Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas: An overview

Well I am home, and finally finished our christmas celebrations (with 3 sets of parents, it tends to take a few days). We alternate christmas between my family and the husbands. On my years I generally host it at my house, as I hate having one parent left out.

This year it was the husbands turn, which meant that we had to treck to my sister in-laws house early christmas morning. How early you ask?

5am! Yes, 5am!!!

What was slightly worth was that we had to get up around 4am! Turns out it is still dark at that time (can't say I have been up that early for 2 years). Turns out it is also cold at that time of day. And it turns out that I don't like that time of day!

My niece, muppet, had been madly writing 2.5 year old "letters" to Santa telling him that she would be at Aunty K's house. Santa, the wise man that he is, made a note, and left the present at Aunty K's house. Smart man that Santa. Many presents, too much food, not enough alcohol (none actually), and a catnap, and the day was over.

Muppet loved her apron, Little man loved his bath toys, and, well Little Dude didn't really care about his elephant. But he is only 9 weeks old, so I will let him get away with it ;)

Today we had my mum and stepdad over for dinner, who presented me with

Incase you can't work it out, its a Scanpan CTX saute pan and stock pot. My mum knew how much I loved my chefpan, and that I wanted to get some other bits, but money was better spent elsewhere. I love her so much.

One thing is for sure though - I am glad Christmas is only once a year!

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