Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The decade that was.

Undomestic/mumma posted about her decade, and it was such a lovely post, I decided to do the same thing. Mainly because my mind needs some exercise.

2000 - kissed the wrong boys ♥ Kissed the right boy  Did bad things with the right boy ♥ Right boy turned out to the the wrong boy ♥ Met a new boy and still smile when I think of him  Learnt to drive ♥ Scared the shit out of my parents when I asked about which way to turn the steering wheel on a bridge

2001 - lost a lot of weight ♥ cut off my hair  kissed the wrong boy again  discovered the wrong boy was still the wrong boy  drank to much ♥ made some awesome friends

2002 - said goodbye to my gran  cried a million rivers ♥ threw myself into VCE ♥ got my licence and brought a car ♥ partied too much ♥ met a boy ♥ broke up with the boy

2003 - met a boy online ♥ went to uni ♥ dropped out of uni and into a career ♥ broke up with the boy for being weird and controlled by his mother ♥ came to the fact that i had and lost a baby brother ♥ saw my parents get married (step dad) ♥ discovered it would be hard to have children

2004 - was single for a while and discovered who i am ♥ made more awesome friends ♥ met the boy from 2002 in the main street ♥ became friends with that boy ♥ he became the man of my dreams ♥ moved out of home (much to my parent dismay) ♥ put on weight

2005 - turned 21 ♥ brought my first brand new car ♥ quit my job to go back to uni ♥  put on more weight

2006 - finally had the boy and my house transfered into my name ♥ started uni ♥ met my best friend ♥ supported my best friend when she found out she was pregnant ♥ the boy proposed ♥ i said yes ♥ vowed to lose weight

2007 - planned a wedding ♥ went to uni and hated it ♥ also hated my part time job ♥ started to try for a baby ♥ met one of my other closest friends ♥ welcomed my niece and god-daughter into the world ♥ lost weight, but then put it back on

2008 - got married ♥ went to Thailand ♥ found a new career that I love ♥ tried for a baby ♥ lost a baby ♥ watched best friend get married ♥ tried again ♥ lost again ♥ renovated my house (smashing walls helps with frustration)

2009 - tried for another baby ♥ lost another baby ♥ developed who I am as a person ♥ began to like who I am ♥ welcomed two nephews into the world ♥ had weight loss surgery ♥ lost 20kg ♥ brought clothes in the normal section of Myer ♥ became content with who I am as a person

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  1. hope your baby dreams come true soon enough for you xx

    lovely wrap up x

  2. Lovely post April. Thanks for sharing - I love how you met the boy again, and he was the one for you!

    I hope your dreams come true in 2010. xx

  3. Wow, what a decade. Lots of ups and lots of downs. Great read :)

    Hope this decade ends on an 'up' for you.

  4. What a full on decade! Wishing you all the best for the next one. xx


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