Friday, December 11, 2009

Bathroom Prints

Whilst I am blogging about art, I wanted to share some others that I have found along the way. Red Bubble is possibly my new found love!

These are for my bathroom, which looks a little something like this
Ok, it looks a little different, there isnt a fish tank anymore, and part of the walls are cream now (same colour as the rest of the house. Eventually I will paint the other two walls, but meh!) And it is soon to have dark brown floor tiles. But, as you can see and imagine, it has a green and brown theme. So these are my current pics that I am wanting.

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  1. I always loved your bathroom April! Any of those prints will be perfect! But i love the first one the best!

  2. I love the green in your bathroom - I remember seeing a pic of it before and I have it saved in my inspiration folder. :D

    I love the first pic the best.

  3. I think the first one and the last one are the ones I will go with.

    Thanks Melissa, just so you know, it is Dulux Metallic in Earth Edge. I do love it!


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