Friday, December 18, 2009

Thankful 18: Private Health Insurance

I was always one of those people who thought the public system was adequate. And it is. If you only need to use it occassionally. Like the times where you slice your finger open whilst cutting up dinner, spraying blood throughout your kitchen, requiring stitches and takeaway from dinner. Not that I know from experience. And there is bugger all choice where I live. It's public or nothing.

So a few years back our accountant told us to get Private Health Insurance, as we were paying the Medicare Levy. So we got a budget PHI cover. And it got us hooked. We swapped to their preferred dentist, who we like, and get 2 free checkups a year.

And it was kinda handy when I had to go in for surgery, as the waiting list for my laparoscopy was 6 months, and I needed it there and then! And it came in handy when I decided to have lapbanding done, and it picked up the $8,000 tab, which only left me out of pocked a few thousand.

And just like cruise control, it has become one of those things I couldn't live without. I am considering downgrading the husbands cover, as he never uses it, but I could never get rid of it fully, unless circumstances chosen. Of course, everyone's needs are different, but I do get good value from Medibank
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