Thursday, December 17, 2009

Operation Office: Somewhat complete

Remember all my grand plans for the office?

They went out the window with the rusty trowel during husbands tantrum.

But I have to admit, anything is better than its original state (think floorboard laid onto dirt as the stumps had disintegrated with a dingy little window no bigger than my head). And then there was this:

Love that green cornice (I must have been high as a kite when I chose that colour!)

A fresh coat of paint made a huge difference. If you look super carefully, you can see the skirting boards still need painting. It will happen when the carpet comes up, as it just seems too hard to paint around carpet.

The cute little Ikea boxes I brought. I need to get more of the folders from Officeworks this week though. I wasnt sure they would fit, so I didnt want to buy heaps and have them not fit. As luck would have it, they fitted fine! I have custom printed labels for the folders too, as they are now our filing cabinet.

See that nifty little cupboard in the bookshelf. Guess what it holds...the modem and hard drives! No more 'christmas tree gone mad light shows'

And the drawers? They hold pens and the like. I even rescued the old cutlery tray ($2 from Ikea) to sort out things. Works well actually.

The carpet is a way off, I calculated that if we do the office and the spare room in one hit we will have minimal wastage, which suits me, as there was heaps of wastage in our bedroom (they make you pay for a full meter!). So that won't be happening for a while yet, but the green isn't as offensive as it used to be.

I'm also waiting for Spotlight to have a sale on their Brown Oak blinds again, so that these ones match the kitchen blinds. I also plan to replace the bathroom blinds, so am defiantly waiting for their 40% off sale!
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  1. Looking good! I love that desk, but wasn;t allowed to have it as N uses the study most of the time and Mac and I are on the couch.

    Your organisation has inspired me though! I may do an office clean on christmas break :)

  2. Bah, tell N to deal with it! One of the things I like most is that when we have a bigger room we can put the bookshelf in the middle, and each sit at a side.

    Yay to the office clean though! I love our new streamlined office, it even makes filing fun!

    Ok, not quite

  3. Where did the bookshelf/desk etc come from?

  4. the desk/bookshelf is from ikea. I heart ikea!


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