Friday, December 25, 2009

Thankful 25: My blog followers

That's right, you guys are the thing I am most thankful for. It's coming up a year since I started this blog, not really expecting anyone to read it. And yet, there are 96 of you listed as followers, and I know a few more who don't subscribe but check in.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful comments you leave for me, I love hearing what you have to say.

So I wish you all, and your loved ones, a very merry (and safe) christmas, filled with plenty of the good things: friends and family, food and drinks.

PS - stop reading blogs on Christmas Day and go eat more pudding :) Pin It


  1. Merry Christmas April!!! I hope you have a wonderful happy day and that it is full of many happy things! I love following you through your posts you are an amazing woman!


  2. Merry Christmas April!

    I have just found your blog and love your 'thankful' posts. :)

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Thanks for your comments. I love seeing what you have to say, so write away!