Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thankful 6: Holidays

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As I mentioned a few days back, my work is flat out. I am covering two roles whilst a co-worker is off on sick-leave. Which means I am super busy, slightly stressed, and generally running around like a mad woman.

Which means I am looking forward to my holidays between Christmas and New Years with such delight I previously reserved for discovering that Prada is having a sale. It is only 9 days off, but it will be great. We're going to the sister in-laws for Christmas Day, I have who is visiting family, and we have plans to go shopping, I plan to do some serious work around this place, and I plan to do my favourite activity: SLEEP!

As I don't have children, and a lot of my co-workers do, I chose to take holidays in March, and allow them to spend the school holidays with their families. Plus I like the quiet time at work :D

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