Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Gifts

A few months back I mentioned how I loved Wrapco for their awesome papers, and how I couldnt decide between them.

Well I ended up with the blue flock, which looks awesome. I teamed with with brown raffia for something different. I like that I can use it for different occasions, especially when I am not a fan of Santa paper

After using their products, I can not recommend them highly enough. My parcel arrived in a few days (despite them saying it could be 2 weeks before delivery) and the quality is well above other papers I have used.

Wrapco will be getting my business again!

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  1. OOoh nice paper! It goes with your blog theme as well...

    Next year I will get organised and get some lovely wrapping paper and labels etc.

  2. Hey, it does too Melissa! I hadn't noticed that!


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