Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today, whilst torturing the husband (ie. I forced him to go to Ikea with me), I looked at a few options for our hallway. And came up with the following mood board

Teamed with our new glass in the window (which still hasn't happened. lets be honest, i still haven't painted the door frame!) it should look nice and streamlined.

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  1. Love it April.

    Are you getting real potted orchids for your hall stand? I love orchids!

  2. I thought about it Rose, but last time I brought an orchid it died. I think I over watered it or something. I was pretty annoyed, as it was expensive too! And our hallway gets very little sunlight, and tends to be very cool year round.

    I was in Officeworks the other night, and I saw a potted one that was fake, but looked pretty darn real to me, so I think I will get it instead.

    I love orchids as well


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