Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thankful 5: Friends

I have always been a person who doesnt have huge numbers of friends, but the ones that I do have mean the world to me. I love them to bits, they amaze me with their strengths, courage, and most of all, the love they show me.

I live in my own little world, and don't find the need to talk to my friends daily. And it works for us, as they are very much the same. We all understand that if the need arises and one needs to talk to the other, then the phone lines are always open. Which is why I find myself talking to my friends at 3am in the morning when I have to go to work the next day. Or find myself sending flowers to a friend who has just lost another friend. No matter what I am there for my friends. It doesnt matter if I have never met them (I have a number of friends which I met on a forum, who quite possibly know more about me than people I have known all my life).

And they are there for me. And I appreciate it. A LOT! I have been through a pretty shit two years, with a lot of things throwing me for six, and my friends take it in their stride. They don't force me to talk about things, they just let me go. Let me yell. Let me cry. Let me scream. And let me be me. Because that is what friends do, they let you be you.

So to all my friends, in real life, on the internet, and in the future, I am thankful to you. More than you will ever realise

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  1. Its only natural that a lovely person like yourself is surround by friends that truly cherish you. :)

  2. awwww, thank you Rose. You're pretty darn special yourself



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