Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy little bees

The husband and I have been busy little bees this last few weeks.

A few weeks back we went to the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, as my boss told me they had some good meat there, that was quite cheap. Cool, I love cheap meat. So we went down one Saturday, and spent $300 on meat.

What does $300 of meat look like I hear you ask?

Like this:

In there there is: porterhouse steak, lean mince, chicken breasts, pork chops, chicken snitzles, sausages, lamb chops, and a roast pork. And it was good meat, I was very impressed by it all, except the mince which was a little fatty for lean mince.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks later we had a power outage and our freezer cut out the safety circuit in the shed, causing us to have $300 worth of spoilt meat. Not cool!

Thankfully it was all covered on our house insurance, minus our excess. So this weekends task was to go and replace it all, to which we did. Being the week before christmas we expected chaos. And chaos we did not get. It was rather quiet, which was odd, but welcome. So several hundred dollars later, a roll of glad wrap, and a bag of glad bags, we have a full freezer again. Hopefully this lot is just as good, as we brought some for one of my sisters.

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  1. LOVE meat from Queen Vic. We used to live about 15 minues away, and went there all the time - budget friendly and super good quality, Its a it of a mission now we are out in the 'burbs', and I miss it!
    Buying it in monster bulk is a really good idea though!

  2. lol, Rosie, you do realise that I live 3 hours away right? If I can do it, so can you!

    That said, it is easier to buy in bulk. This time we brought a whole pack of steak and cut it ourselves, which was good, as we cut it into the size bits we wanted (ie I could have my tiny little portions).

    As for bulk, I do like buying meat in bulk. I checked out Woolies price on lean mince today, and it was $7.99/kg. We paid $4.50! And all you need is a freezer.


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