Monday, December 28, 2009

Pre-Post Christmas Shopping

Seems retailers are sneaky this year, and starting their sales early. Which is awesome if you are shopping for a gift on December 24 at 3pm.

So, there I was, hunting for a present for my mum on Christmas Eve, when I walked into a local giftware store. Worth a chance, as my mum is redecorating currently.

There was nothing for her, but I picked up these awesome cushions for our bed. I love them.

My boss gave me a scented candle for christmas, which just happened to be red. It was a complete fluke, as she hadn't even seen our bedroom reno pictures! It matches in really well though, so luck was on our side that day!

And after all that shopping, I finally walked to the jewelers and brought her a Pandora charm, just like I had originally planned!
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  1. That candle is stunning.

    Just got your comment on my blog. I hope so much that your 2010 is better,my friend.

    Take care.


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