Friday, December 4, 2009

Thankful 4: Apple Mac

Windows will be the death of me. It will be written on my tombstone "Died waiting for Windows to do its 5th restart of the day"

I love my mac. Enough said

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  1. Oh I am thinking of converting, but I'm worried a Mac operating system might freak hubbie out.

  2. My vote is to do it! B used to worry about how different it was, but he adapted really well to it. He claims the hardest part is to get used to the close box being on the left, and the control button being in a differnt spot (next the the space bar as opposed to away from it).

    If you go into Chaddy or Doncaster, there is an Apple store where you can use the computer and get a feel for them. Well worth the trip :) And whilst you're there, best you stop off at a few other stores ;)

  3. I almost had a fist fight with Outlook and Excel on my work Widows PC last week. ARGH!!!

    Yes, I am now one of those 'if I was using my Mac right now' people :D

  4. Oh Teneal, that's me too! My work computer is dubbed the "craptop", a windoze laptop that I need to restart about 5 times a day. If I had a Mac at work it wouldn't be an issue. I love coming home to my lappy.


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