Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the third day of christmas

OK, I don't think I can keep this up, as I can't remember the rest of the song :O

Our house as we brought it all those years ago!

I am thankful for my house. As much as I bitch and moan about it, I am thankful I have a roof over my head. And when I think about it,  there are a lot uglier and worse houses out there!

And when I think about it, I am lucky that I never knew the issues with renting, as so many of my friends my age have. It has also taught me a lot of skills. Like how to sand a floor. Install a window. Flood the kitchen. Fix a flooded kitchen. Many skills I would never have learnt if I hadn't moved into a house than needed renovating.

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  1. Here here! I love bitching about my house too. Thanks for following my blog!

  2. Most welcome Sara. I love your blog (in the three days I have been following it LOL)

  3. I used to think I was renter who had been through hell and that all my woes would be solved with buying our own place. It turned out I just got a new set of woe's...I bitch and moan too April, as you know! Ha Ha. But at the end of the day I am greatful for the roof over my head... and yes you learn so many new bits of info and handy skills!


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