Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bonus Thankful 26: Boxing Day Sales

Bonus round of thankfuls, because how on earth did I forget about boxing day sales???

I normally avoid the shops on Boxing Day, just because I don't like chaos that much (I get enough chaos from my family on Christmas Day). But I do like to go a few days later.

This year I am actually heading into Melbourne to catch up with a friend and do a spot of retail therapy. Should be a good day, especially considering I am taking the train down, so I don't have to bother with the traffic!

On my hit list:
* A star for the top of our Christmas Tree
* Undies for the boy. He loves these particular pair of undies, so when they come on special I buy up big on them. Unfortuantly for me, they only seem to come on special in the post Christmas sales.
* Maybe some more Christmas decorations. Turns out I didnt really have as many as I thought I did.
* A toy of some sort for my nephew's birthday. I am thinking of a Tonka Truck or something along those lines (am open to suggestions on what to buy a 1 year old boy)
* Some new sheets. I brought 1000tc ones last year, and whilst they are good, they give me the shits when ironing them, so am thinking of getting 500tc ones this year.
* Clothes. My wardrobe is so bare that the husband has more clothes than I do, and it has got to the stage where I wear the same three outfits to work all the time. I need variety.

That should do me I suppose. Unless of course I find something else I "need" along the way...
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  1. Have fun! Can't wait to hear what you find!

    I am hitting the sales tomorrow.



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