Monday, December 21, 2009

More business

So, along with the meat, this weekend saw the purchase of a pond. Well, Thursday night saw the purchase of a pond on ebay. Sunday saw the picking up of said pond.

I thought the pond was located close to point A when I bidded on the item.

Turns out I may have been a little bit wrong. Like 60 kilometres wrong! Opps.

But I got my pond. I don't think the seller was very impressed, as I won it for $46 (a new one was above $200) and he made the comment that a few months back it would have sold for around $150. Them's the breaks buddy. Your loss is my win.

So rather than go all the way to Nobel Park to pick up a pond and come home again, I decided to make the husband drive me a little bit further, and go to the plant farm in Carrum Downs.

Wasn't he impressed with me today!

But it was well worth it. We brought 40 English Box Hedge plants for $80. The drugged out space monkey that served us charged us the wrong price, and well, considering she was quite rude about us wanting to pay for the plants, I said nothing. I took the plants and ran. Not that she was with it enough to even realise she charged us the wrong price for them. We did confirm with her they were English Box, so meh!

Now to plant said plants and install the pond.

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