Friday, December 4, 2009

Oroton Sale

I love a good online sale. It means I can shop from home (or in this instance, from my desk whilst I eat chinese takeout). So when I recieved the email from Oroton about their christmas sale, I ditched the email, and hot-footed it over there to pick up a few items.

I can't show you the major item I brought, as its for the Mister for our anniversary in February, but I can show you the pretty little present that 'Style Santa' is putting under the tree for me

Now, because I am the sharing kind, and everyone needs a little christmas present from 'Style Santa', here is how I got to save 25% off all accessories. Go to Oroton and sign up to their O-List. Go into their store, either online or in person, and in the checkout type in the promo code of " XMAS25 ".

Last year I brought this handbag
, and saved a whopping $250 off the regular price, thanks to this sale, so it is well worth it. And to justify the expense of the suitcase that I call a handbag, it is the only handbag I have carried all year, whereas in the past I would go through 4 a year!
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