Friday, December 11, 2009

Thankful 11: My Cat Lucy

I am a cat person. I have always had a pet cat, well, except for the first 6 months the husband and I lived together. Which were spent by me nagging him to get a cat.

I chose my cat from the RSPCA, based on that she was the only cat who came and rubbed my leg. The other 30 odd just ignored me. So Lucy came home with me. And that was the only time she was friendly. Since then she has been the worlds crankiest cat, she hisses at people, hides from them, and is generally just a, well, cat!

But she does give good cuddles. Lately she has taken to crawling into bed with me, nudging me with her nose until I lift the doona. She climbs in, lays down, and allows me to 'spoon' her. She loves it, though only with me, not the husband! She also has this sixth sense (do cats have five senses like humans?) that allows her to know when I am upset and need a cuddle. She is always there for cuddles.

I love the kitteh!

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