Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thankful 15: Flowers

Image from Flickr

I love fresh flowers. Unfortunately, the husband does not see the value in them, as they just die. So every now and then I go to the flower market in the city and buy myself a big bunch of them. I tried going to the florist, but it was costly, and they didnt seem to last as long. Tonight I threw out a bunch of lillies that have been in our kitchen for 3 weeks now!

So I was delighted when I discovered our magnolia bushes have started to flower. I was getting worried about these, as they have never flowered before, and were looking rather sickly a few weeks back. But some heavy watering, a good dose of blood and bone, and a thick layer of mulch seems to have done the trick. Now to work out how to stop them falling apart as soon as they open up

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